Often times you're on the go or just away from your computer yet you still want to stay on top of all that's going on around It can be rather tricky but after some dorking around, we've created an easy way for those of you who are so inclined to receive SMS updates when we post stories.

It's done through Twitter and for those who are already down, you can follow us here: Punknews on Twitter.


This is all enabled through the magic of Twitter. What is Twitter? The site describes it as

Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co-workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?

It's like status messages on IM, without having to be logged on or live in fear of constant messages in response. It's an easy way to stay abreast of what other people are up to from afar. Here's where it gets rad: you can receive Twitter updates via Text/SMS messages whenever a user you are following posts a Status Update (or Tweet as they are referred to).

How does Punknews fit in to this?

Like most everything else on the 'net, Twitter is flexible. Using the magic of RSS and TwitterFeed, we've piped our headlines through into a Twitter account: Punknews on Twitter.

For those who choose to follow @Punknews on Twitter, you can opt to receive an SMS for each of our Tweets, which would be each of our headlines. Voila, Org headlines on the go! Additionally, for those with web enabled phones (tested solely on the iPhone currently), each Tweet includes a TinyURL link to the full article for each headline.

So how do you get in on all this magic?

  1. First, head to Twitter and sign up for an account. I've been using Twitter for a bit now and they are 100% SPAM-free with very limited contact over email.
  2. You can choose to use your GMail or other web-based email's address book to search for contacts but you don't have to. (Skip is in the top right hand corner)
  3. Over on the left you'll see "Take Twitter with you! Set up your phone or IM!". Then you'll see two easy boxes to enter in either you IM name (for IM updates) or your cell number. Once you enter it in, you're good there!
  4. Now, head to Punknews' twitter account and click the Follow link underneath. You can adjust your notification options such as Device Updates by clicking the dropdown arrow beside Following after you've done so. You can adjust your notifications here if you so desire.

Legal stuff / Other important information

Please read Twitter's Terms of Service before signing up.

Twitter Phone FAQ Does Twitter charge me for text messages?
We don't charge you for text messages. However, as stated in our FAQ:
Depending on your service provider and your text plan, you might see usage charges for text usage, and Twitter can become highly addictive. Those messages add up fast! If you don't want to deal with message-counting, try using Twitter from the web or IM first and see how you like it.

How Many SMS Messages Can I Receive a Week?
For all numbers except 40404, there is a weekly limit of 250 incoming messages You can send as many messages to Twitter as you'd like. However, if you use any number other than 40404 (the US short code) you're limited to receiving 250 SMS messages per week on your mobile phone.
Those who send and receive messages over 21212 in Canada, 5566511 in India, and +447624801423 are subject to the weekly 250 message limit.
Why is this so? Twitter doesn't charge individuals for sending or receiving messages. In order to provide global messaging, Twitter negotiates with mobile operators and their representatives around the world for reasonable SMS fees. We do this so that folks can use Twitter in as many countries as possible. Until agreements are in place, however, we need to put in limits on the number of messages received per person.
How does it work? Each week you're allotted a total of 250 SMS updates per mobile phone. We measure the week from Sunday to Sunday. When you're close to your 250 message limit via Twitter on your mobile within a week, we'll let you know via text message. We'll also place a reminder on your Twitter homepage. Twitter Anticipated FAQ

What is that #punknews at the beginning of each Tweet?
#punknews is a HashTag. HashTags are ways of associating disparate messages and media together under one umbrella. We're currently testing out the viability of using HashTags to gather relevant media like Videos, Photos, etc related to the Org. If you're interested in contributing, add the #punknews tag to appropriate Tweets like if you're going to a show, a quick show review, what records you bought, etc. You can find out more at And no, I can't change it from being at the beginning for now.

Why do this?
We thought that some people would be into getting these updates when they aren't near a computer. Also, it's always interesting to attempt to push the envelope of current social networking and technology means to get our news out there. It's an experiment.

Is Twitter paying you for this advertising?
Nope. Not at all.

Does anyone interesting use this thing?
Well, there's editors Justin and Adam, Henry Rollins and more, I bet.


Email Justin or IM him for help.