Last night, the National Geographic Channel aired a documentary titled Inside Straight Edge. The film documents the 90s straight edge scene, showing different sides of the controversial movement. The film was narrated by Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore and will be re‚Äďairing on Sunday, April 13th, at 4pm. The channel notes:

Youth can be a minefield: drugs, sex, violence, and peer pressure. One group has an extreme way of dealing with it. They call themselves Straight Edge, and while they are being classified as a violent gang in areas such as Salt Lake City and Reno, they aren't like any other gang you know: they reject drugs, drinking, smoking, and even casual sex. They're rebels against a society in which everything goes. National Geographic goes inside this growing youth movement caught between being a refuge for Americas kids and a dangerous gang wanted by authorities.

There is also an article about the feature here.

The documentary also examines the formation of the controversial and still infamous gang, FSU. You can find a clip of that part here.