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The Lost Patrol Band have changed their name to Invasionen and begun writing/performing in their native Swedish. The band explained:

There is a really crappy stuck up American artsy fartsy Indie band from NYC called The Lost Patrol and they copyrighted the name and sent us threateing letters saying that we interfered with their livelyhood and so on. […] This is also a big part of why the last LPB record never came out in the states.

We did The Lost Patrol Band for 5 years, did over a 100 shows and did a couple of great tours but… it was time for a change! So, we choose the name Invasionen. Invasionen is Swedish for The Invasion. At first we wanted to call the band Invasion cause that would work in english as well but given the fact that there are like a million bands called Invasion (Vinnie Vincents Invasion just to mention one ) we went with Invasionen.

I never ever wrote songs in Swedish, ever. For the past 20 years I've been singing in a language that is not my own! And when we started writing in Swedish it felt cool, a whole new way of communcating and a whole new set of words to play with. We might still do songs in English, might even do the new record in both a Swedish and English version. Right now we are focusing on the Swedish but….

The band notably features Dennis Lyxzen of Refused and The (International) Noise Conspiracy.