by Vagrant

From Autumn To Ashes have revealed the details for their forthcoming live album. The record was originally going to be a limited release, but the band changed their minds saying:

At first we were only going to press a couple hundred copies for the people who were at the record store that night, but we are really proud of how good it came out and we would like to share it with everyone. Thats why this has been delayed for a while. It takes time to get it set up as a wide release. I don't know what the exact release date will be yet, but it should be in the middle of June. You people that were at the record store will most likely get your copy sooner.

The band has also revealed the track listing.

  1. Pioneers
  2. Milligram Smile
  3. Cherry Kiss
  4. Everything I Need
  5. Deth Kult Social Club
  6. ------------------------
  7. Royal Crown vs. Blue Duchess
  8. No Trivia
  9. Recounts and Recollections
  10. Alive Out of Habit
  11. The After Dinner Payback