Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Revelation

Gracer have posted an update covering a recent lineup change, as well as plans for a forthcoming full length:

Some of you may already know, but Gracer is now two musicians. What ever will we do now, you ask? Well for our upcoming record it's an opportunity for me and Paul to get back to our first loves, the drums and bass, respectively. Before Gracer, i drummed and sang in a space rock band, and Paul used to play bass in his old band. Its really fun for us to be taking on additional roles in this band for the time being.

We're also really excited to show you the progress so far. We're in the process of revamping the site and adding some new video updates from the recording sessions. Also we may add a preview clip in the coming days, aaanndd we may or may not be playing a "show" soon, whhhiiccchh may or may not be recorded/filmed. We're really proud of all the new songs, its the most fun we've had making music in quite a while.

The band issued Voices Travel in 2006.