Against Me!: "One Pound of Flesh (1998)"
Contributed by robyourselfblind, Posted by Warner Music Group

Against Me! has posted a track from their early Vivida Vis incarnation. The track was presumably cut from the 1998 Misanthrope Records release, and is titled "One Pound of Flesh."

Tom Gabel discussed that era in the band's history in a Racket Magazine interview, saying:

So, okay, when you started out as a band, when we started out as a band… NO ONE fucking liked us. (laughs) No one! Our first year of shows was just like us showing up, me and Kevin and unloading my acoustic guitar, and Kevin unloading his drums; which was like this weird home made kit, and people were like "What the fuck is this?" and making fun of us.

No one liked us at first, and now there's all these people saying "I've loved you since (Vivida Vis)." "No, you didn't. No one liked us when (Vivida Vis) was around. I was there at the shows! There were TEN people there, what are you talking about? I know you weren't there."

You can check out the song on their myspace page.