Paper & Plastick Records' Vinnie Fiorello recent spoke to about the long–awaited record from The Explosion. The label will be releasing the band's final recording, Bury Me Standing which follows their sole major label release, Black Tape.

Vinnie noted:

sounds like a cross between the last two records (Flash Flash Flash and Black Tape) with a few curveballs thrown in there reaching out of the box. It has the hyperactivity of Flash Flash Flash, that I absolutely love. There's about half the record that has that all out abandon and then the other half moves out from that.

Here's the thing about Black Tape, I think Black Tape would have been great, but it seemed very smooth for a band that should not be very smooth. That's the only complaint that I had with it. The songs, as for the length of it, it's far from me to tell someone how to write a song, but as a listener, do I think punk rock songs should be two minutes long? Yeah, I do. No doubt about that. But, I like THE EXPLOSION when THE EXPLOSION are being THE EXPLOSION, you know what I mean? It's all out abandon, you can feel the energy even in a studio records. Half of Bury Me Standing is like that.

I can tell you that there are some curveballs, but I'm proud to release the record, I think if you're a fan of THE EXPLOSION, you'll dig it.

You can find some more about the album and label here.