by Rivalry

Soul Control has announced the departure of vocalist Matt Amore, for undisclosed reasons. Taking his place will be current Achilles vocalist and former How We Are frontman Rory Vangrol.

The band made the announcement via a Blogspot posting, where they also mention that they have all the music written for their first official full–length, which will be recorded in the summer and released in the fall. Three tours are booked for the summer as well.

Vangrol's first show with the band will be June 1st in their hometown of Providence, RI, with details forthcoming.

The change is an interesting one, as Amore's arguably gravelly, forceful delivery has been described as "slightly rough spoken yells –– think Hot Water Music with more force," whereas Vangrol was once noted as "[roaring] like he was Aaron Turner's [of Isis] brother."

The band last released a compilation of 7"s with new material in 2007 titled Involution. Achilles, who released Hospice in 2007, broke a period of inactivity with a weekend tour earlier this year, though they've remained silent since.