by Matador

Mogwai has released details on the bonus materials and cover art for their expanded, remastered 10th anniversary edition of Young Team. The record is due out May 26, 2008 and will include the entirety of the original album, as well as nine bonus tracks.

    Disc 1:
  1. Yes! I Am a Long Way from Home
  2. Like Herod
  3. Katrien
  4. Radar Maker
  5. Tracy
  6. Summer
  7. With Portfolio
  8. R U Still in 2 It
  9. A Cheery Wave from Stranded Youngsters
  10. Mogwai Fear Satan
  11. Disc 2: (Bonus Tracks):

  12. Young Face Gone Wrong
  13. I Don't Know What to Say
  14. I Can't Remember
  15. Honey (Spacemen 3 cover)
  16. Katrien (Live)
  17. R U Still in 2 It (Live)
  18. Like Herod (Live)
  19. Summer (Priority) (Live)
  20. Mogwai Fear Satan (Live)