Star Fucking Hipsters, the new project from Sturgeon of Leftover Crack have posted an update on progress towards their next full length. The band also includes Slackers drummer Ara Babajian and Frank Piegaro of New Jersey's Degenerics.

All tracking (aka music, vocals, subliminal messages demanding your undying obedience) have been recorded and will be mixed at Motor studio with Mr. James Mcmann in S.F. in the early half of June. These electronically "shamed" replicated discs will end up being shoved into containers with similarly abused art, lyrics and song titles and in one final vile humiliation they will bare the stamp of their unhuman sociopathic oppresors: FAT WRECK CHORDS.

And yes, this was basically a blog to announce that we have signed our debut record over to FAT and it should be out by October if all goes smoothly.

The band has also booked two shows at the end of this month. The first at The Silent Barn in Brooklyn on May 29th and the second at the Meatlocker in Montclair, New Jersey on the 30th.