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Jack Terricloth of World/Inferno Friendship Society is kicking off a month-long European tour this week. The tour is in support of his anthology, The Collected Cloth which promises story, satire and song.

World/Inferno released Addicted to Bad Ideas last year.

May 14, 2008Freiburg, GermanyKTS
May 15, 2008Köln, GermanyLOTTA
May 17, 2008München, GermanyKafe Kult
May 18, 2008Steyr, ARoeda
May 19, 2008Wien, AEKH
May 20, 2008Prague, Czech Republictba
May 21, 2008Dresden, GermanyAZ Conni
May 22, 2008Jena, GermanyKassablanca
May 23, 2008Göttingen, GermanyT-Keller
May 24, 2008Braunschweig, GermanyNexus
May 25, 2008Leipzig, GermanyZorro
May 26, 2008Berlin, GermanyLokal
May 27, 2008Hannover, GermanyKorn
May 28, 2008Hamburg, GermanyZeise Kino
May 29, 2008Kiel, GermanySubrosa
May 30, 2008Bremen, GermanyFriese
May 31, 2008Mühlheim a. d. Ruhr, GermanyKUNSTRAUM MÜLHEIM Gallerie
June 1, 2008Alkmaar, NetherlandsOdeon Pub
June 2, 2008Aachen, GermanyAZ
June 3, 2008Mannheim, GermanyJUZ
June 4, 2008Stuttgart, Germanydrastc world
June 5, 2008Regensburg, GermanyLetterario
June 6, 2008Nürnberg, GermanyK4
June 7, 2008Würzburg, GermanyKneipe Kult