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Hey, There's a bunch of new stuff out on Does Everyone Stare? Records. Some of of my releases have previously been reviewed on (like Joshua, The Tank, Milwaukees), but most of it not. Click READ MORE to see some of the stuff that just recently came out…

Limited to 500 copies, 100 on blue vinyl for mailorder only and 400 copies on clear vinyl. t's got a previously unreleased tune from the Milwaukees called "Calgary '88 (a little bit of quiet)" and two previously unreleased tunes from the MICO "roads travelled by everyone" and a smith's cover "there is a light that never goes out"

Pocket Genius "Tundra Rock" CD
I've put up a couple MP3s from the album too and a couple reviews for it. These four hosers have really come up with a kick ass melodic rock album. It definitely get's my seal of approval. 11 songs of rock that is something like a blend of the Descendents and Samiam. There's some MP3's up so you can make up your own mind if they rock or not. There's also a review or two posted for the CD as well.

It's their final album so make sure to pick it up to complete your collection. There's MP3s and all that jazz up for this CD too.

MILWAUKEES "The Bland Comfort of Life With Lloyd Justin CD
Their newest CD release. Six songs that rock out in a Samiam/Farside/Texas is the Reason sort of style. Over 20 minutes of a rockin' good time. Check out an mp3 and reviews on the site to make up your own mind.

There's some other new stuff on the way too…make sure to check out the site for info/mp3s and stuff too.