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LaGrecia have posted a formal break up notice. The band announced their breakup on their myspace, saying:

It saddens us to say LaGrecia is no longer a band. Unfortunately, Jason made the decision to leave the band a few weeks ago. This is probably not surprising to some of you who know Jason and have followed his past bands. Sal and I did not want or anticipate the band to end as early as it did. Sal and I were excited with the way things were progressing and we are extremely disappointed and hurt with Jason's cold departure.

Upon leaving the band, Jason stated he no longer wanted anything to do with playing music. He further said that music never meant that much to him. It was something that came easy to him, granted him success and that was it. He wanted to sell off his equipment and focus on furthering his career in broadcast. Although supportive of his decision, this was very upsetting to hear.

Despite the breakup, LaGrecia says that they are still releasing their record, On Parallels on June 24, 2008. Frontman Jason Shevchuk announced that his previous band, None More Black would be reuniting for a show on July 4th.

Shevcuck posted a response on the None More Black myspace page:

LaGrecia formed in May of last year. By July, Dana and I found ourselves in a Romantic Relationship. The band rolled on at a good pace. It was fun. We had a fun summer. Dana decided it would be a good idea to end our relationship in January. The band pressed on and ended up becoming more a burden and an awkward situation for me. How could it not. When your escape becomes your prison things can feel crazy. I'm sorry Sal was caught in the middle.

I left the band in March with the intentions of never playing in a band again. NMB getting back together was never in the back of mind. In April, Colin came up to NYC to hang with Paul and I. We had a great time, as we always do. We kicked around the idea of playing again on a casual level. NMB is going to be playing shows again.