Contributed by Jesse, Posted by Polyvinyl

Portland, OR's Tu Fawning will have their Secession EP released both digitally and on CD through Polyvinyl Records. The digital format will arrive on May 27th, and the CD should be in stores on July 8th, giving digital a significant head start. However, to add to the drama, the EP was released on vinyl through Discourage on May 13th. According to the standard rules of the Death Race, seniors are 100 points.

The band is a collaboration between Joe Haege (31 Knots) and Corrina Repp (Corrina Repp), with the addition of Toussaint Perrault (Ape Shape) and Lisa Rietz (Swords Project). The EP was recorded by Kevin Robinson (Viva Voice) at his Amore!Phonics studio.

You can find an MP3 of "Out Like Bats" here, or visit the band's MySpace page for streaming songs.