Details for Joy Division biopic, "Control"

Details have been announced for the DVD release of Anton Corbijn's acclaimed Joy Division biopic. The film is titled Control [DVD] and is due out June 03, 2008. The film presents an account of the life and death of Ian Curtis covering his personal battle with epilepsy, romantic troubles with his wife and girlfriend and the overwhelming success of his band, Joy Division. It is based on the account by Curtis' late wife, Deborah and stars Samantha Morton, Sam Riley and Alexandra Maria Lara.

DVD Contents:
  1. Control
  2. Audio commentary with director Anton Corbijn
  3. The Making Of Control
  4. Out of Control: A Conversation with Anton Corbijn
  5. Extended Live Concert Performances
  6. "Transmission" music video by Joy Division
  7. "Atmosphere" music video by Joy Division
  8. "Shadowplay" music video by The Killers
  9. Still gallery
  10. Theatrical Trailers