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Rise Against have posted a lengthy studio blog covering their recently begun recording process:

We spent many weeks in Chicago throughout the end of winter writing new songs in our rehearsal space and we're pretty stoked on the direction. Too early to tell you what this thing is sounding like, but its got the same energy and power of our past releases and we can't wait to wrap it up and get it out to you.

We took some time off to play an unannounced Chicago show at the Metro with our friends in the Gallows and Cancer Bats on Superbowl Sunday, which, of course, was awesome and thanks to all who made it a good time (and check out the new Cancer Bats record by the way!) Then, while Zach was home in Texas during South By Southwest. he was invited to play a set of Black Flag songs with Luke from the Gorilla Biscuits, Mike Herrera from MxPx, and our good buddy Sam from Complete Control singing.

We intend to keep you posted with this new fancy Studio Diary, and we'll include some pics whenever our lazy asses take some. Next post; Colorado and The Blasting Room…

You can check out the full update here.

The as-yet untitled album will follow 2006's The Sufferer & the Witness.