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Roxane Davis, a former reality-TV show producer has sued the Sex Pistols Johnny Rotten for assault and battery, claiming he slugged her in the face because he was unhappy with the Los Angeles hotel room she secured for him during a shoot last year. She is also suing the company she was working for at the time, Bodog Music Ltd., contending her bosses ignored her concerns when she complained about Rotten's behavior.

According to a suit filed Wednesday in L.A. Superior Court, the producer was working on Fuse's Bodog Battle of the Band where Rotten was a judge. The worst incident involves Rotten's assistant Jon Stevens and Rotten's apparent frustration that the two did not have adjoining rooms in the hotel. When discovering this, he alledgedly "cocked back his fist to strike Ms. Davis and punched her in the face."

You can find more about the suit here and a copy of the filing can be found here.