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The benefit charity for Cal Robbins, through AMP Magazine, has its first batch of items ending on Ebay tonight. Up for auction now test pressings from The Loved Ones, Four Years Strong, and Anti-Flag; cymbals signed by The Frantic, and Velver Revolver; signed records from Me First and The Gimme Gimmes, Leftover Crack, and Citizen Fish; stage clothes and a quite historic banner from Reel Big Fish; signed / limited silk-screened posters, and a few rare, out of print records. This is the first wave of the charity work being handled by the magazine.

Cal was born with a rare condition known as Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). There is no cure for SMA and living with it can be very expensive. Cal's father J is well-known within the punk community, having produced records for the likes of Against Me!, None More Black, Paint it Black and more.

From Brett at AMP Magazine;

I talked to Cal Robbins the other day. He had just woken up from his nap, but was quite excited about the day ahead of him, getting to play with his Mom and Dad. He’s just an amazingly strong, brave young man, going through his daily routine.

J. (Robbins) had just spoke to me about some new clinical reports which showed substantial breakthroughs in SMA research, with fully dosed and treated, non-human subjects that had not only inspired his family, but The House Of Representatives, and The Senate alike. There is a bill on the floor that is not only getting promised support, but sponsors in the House of Representatives, called the SMA Treatment Acceleration Act (there is a ton of information about this act at This would not only increase funding to SMA research, but actually streamline partnerships, and coordinate all of the research that is being done for SMA into a common realm, and allow networking, and eventually human clinical testing. Out of the 600+ clinical issues that The NIH (National Institutes of Health) are dealing with right now, they say SMA is the one that they are closest to developing a cure for. That’s the great news.

Our job is to keep our littlest friend around and happy until that day is upon us. Again, I talked to Cal the other day. He is family to the underground. I am a father, and I get the Robbins dedicating their lives to making their child happy and comfortable. Please look into SMA through and please keep an eye on the auctions we have posted. Again, these are all things that were donated by several bands, labels, and friends that are fueling this movement. AMP is merely acting as a hub for this. I certainly think that the most we can do, is the least we should do. I want to have phone conversations with that kid for years to come, and I am really excited to hear what the son of these two amazing parents band will sound like! Thanks you for your help and support in this.