by Hydra Head

MC Dälek of shoegaze/noise-influenced hip hop act Dälek has announced the launch of Deadverse Recordings. The aim is to form an artist-friendly label in the tradition of Hydrahead, Ipecac and Public Guilt. The MC added:

I basically started deadverse recordings because I know of too many great musicians with amazing albums, obviously some of which I have been lucky enough to work on musically as well, that were not seeing the light of day. During my recording career, I've been blessed to work with incredibly fair and artist-friendly labels like Ipecac, Hydrahead, and Public Guilt. I hope to model deadverse recordings after those labels and provide a place for artists and their creations to call home. deadverse recordings was founded a home for real music by the illest musicians out there. Never mind genre, to quote Phil Spector, "there are only two kinds of music… good and bad!" We here at deadverse recordings only work with the first kind.

The label's first release will be Oddatee's Halfway Homeless. You can check out some music on the label's myspace page.