World Burns to Death
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Celebrated underground Austin, Texas based D-beat act World Burns To Death will embark on their first European tour this month in support of their third LP The Graveyard Of Utopia.

The Graveyard Of Utopia was co-release by Prank Records and Japanese label HG Fact. It follows up 2002's The Sucking of the Missile Cock and 2006's Totalitarian Sodomy.

World Burns To Death
28.06.08SWEDEN munkedalpunk illegal festw/ Avskum, Martyrdod and many more
29.06.08NORWAY Oslobarrikadenw/ HEVN
30.06.08SWEDEN linkopingskylten w/ Discarga
01.07.08SWEDEN malmoeutkantenTBA
02.07.08DENMARK copenhagenvenue tbcw/ Antimob
03.07.08GERMANY hamburghafenklangw/Antimob, Loser Life
04.07.08GERMANY bremenfriesew/ greed killing
05.07.08GERMANY packebusch Packenbusch Festival 2008w/ Mordare, Fleas and Lice, Discarga, Autistic Youth, Masshysteri and more
06.07.08GERMANY Dresdenaz conniw/ Partiya
07.07.08CZECH REPpraha-007TBA
08.07.08POLAND LublinTekturaw/ Soro
09.07.08POLAND poznanrozbrat w/ Bloody Phoenix,Edda, Epileptic Walk,
10.07.08POLAND gdyna (gdansk)DIY Fest @ Anawaw/ Filth Of Mankind
11.07.08GERMANY berlinKoepiw/ Red Herring
12.07.08GERMANY flensburghafermarkt sommerfestTBA