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After sharing some harsh words about the long-running tour, Be Your Own Pet have announced that they will not be performing on Warped this summer:

We regret to inform our fans that we will not be participating in this year's Warped Tour. We have been going non-stop for the past 6 months and didn't realize how much the intense schedule would take out of us. Something had to give and sadly its this tour.

The band had said the following about Warped:

I just associate it with a certain look and a certain style and the kind of kids at school that I thought were-- this is really bad, I'm sure-- the kind of kids that were dumbasses wearing Rancid t-shirts who thought they knew what punk rock was and threw things at people in the cafeteria.

So it's like, okay, now we're going to be performing for these people. Our label is under the impression that we're going to play one date and then automatically sell 100,000 more records. All those bands have this very specific look and sound and style. It's like the new hair metal or something. There are like 10 different rules about how you write a song and what everything sounds like and looks like.

They have been touring in support of their sophomore full length, Get Awkward