Short Attention has announced the availability of Polished Turds: 25 Decent Songs And 1 By Chris Grivet, their second release. According to MySpace they'll have it available at this weekend's Insubordination Fest. The release appears to feature songs penned by those not in the band:

Too lazy to write our own songs, we recruited a crack team of songwriters to compose dumb short songs for us so we wouldn't have to bother! […] James Cahill compares you to long-forgotten pop culture icons. Bill Florio watches way too much Police Squad. Christian Stefos has mixed feelings about a door. Ace tells boring Steinways tour stories. Christopher "Gobo" Pierce attempts to introduce some sunshine into your pathetic life. Larry Livermore gets angry at a train.

You can hear six of the songs at their MySpace page.

The band features members of The Steinways, The Ergs!, Dirtbike Annie and more pop-punk than you can shake a stick at. You can stream their previous 7" at their Punknews Band Profile.