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Winnipeg indie mod-pop act Novillero has set a September 9 release date for their third album A Little Tradition. The Mint Records release is the follow-up to 2005's Aim Right For The Holes In Their Lives.

The band, which formed in 1999, currently features vocalist / keyboardist Rod Slaughter, guitarist Sean Stevens, drummer Dave Berthiaume and bassist Grant Johnson. Multi-instrumentalist Jack Jonasson has been joining the band for live shows, most frequently accompanying the New Pornographers.

  1. Life In Parentheses
  2. A Little Tradition
  3. Shadowboxing
  4. Stand Up For Our Side
  5. Plastic Flag
  6. Daydreams & Distractions
  7. Lost Possibilities
  8. The Prank Note
  9. Paco Rabanne
  10. The Printed Word (Sucks For Inflection)
  11. Daydream Reprise
  12. Far From Too Far
  13. Camaraderie Or Bus