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Vermont-based hardcore skate punk act My Revenge will play their final show on July 19th. The gig will double as the record release party for their final Thorp released LP Strength Through Nonviolence. The show will take place on July 19th at the Bristol Hub Skatepark in Bristol, Vermont with guests Black SS, Unrestrained, ANS, and Fight Back. The band commented on their coming finale:

Just like the spirit of Mr. Rogers will never die, neither will My Revenge. But sometimes the tide changes and you gotta put your surfboard away for a little while and go explore something else, which means that it's time for My Revenge to ride one more wave for one last show and release one final record. Hopefully our spirit of magnificent dysfunctionalism, ridiculous nonsense, and bufoonery will everlastingly glow bright like the Uni-Brow from the Swedish Chef on the Muppet Show.

…At this point in time, members of My Revenge are no longer in a position to continue doing this band. Having become older, we learned how to tune the instruments, and that's utterly not acceptable for this band. Mike Halvorsen has 7 children. (All with red Opie hair); Ryan and Phil recently got a Civil Union and are touring with the first ever Kiss/Misfits tribute band "Walk Among Kiss;" Heaven's Bakery is starring in his own movie: "Coming To A Buffet Near You;" and I, Spencer am the skateboarder version of Dwight from "The Office.