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Randolph, New Jersey's Anchors For Arms have announced their departure from Lobster Records :

We have left Lobster Records and we'll be recording and releasing our new record Remember Why You Came This Far on our own. For the sake of everyone involved, we don't want to get into the details of why but all we will say is we gave Steve more than enough opportunities to make this situation happen a smooth and fair one. A big thanks to Steve and past Lobster employees Kevin, Casey, John, Chunk and any one else who had a hand in helping us. In other news, things have obviously been running very slowly for us these past few months. Once we decided to do this record ourselves, we knew we needed to get the money to do so which is what we've been spending this time doing. The record is written and ready to go and we're super excited to get it out to you guys. Recording starts in a few weeks so get pumped!

The band released Listen. React last year.