by Victory

With their imminent show together tomorrow in New York City, Thursday frontman Geoff Rickley interviewed Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music and discussed the band's reunion shows, future plans and more.

Of some note is Chuck's discussion of new music:

The best part about it, honestly, is that we have no agenda. It's about the coolest place we can be in for us. We want to play shows and we will continue playing shows. We've all talked about writing again. We haven't done any at all. I could definitely see it down the road. We'd all love to do it. I think the most important thing to do is just continue having fun and loving it for what it is and what we've done and enjoy it.

Ragan had nothing but love for The Draft which consisted of his former bandmates:

I was nothing but proud. I loved them. The songs are incredible. The energy was great. And it was just plain cool to be on the other side looking up at Chris and George and Jason and Todd just tearing it up. They're amazing. […] I felt pride and was just stoked.

You can check out the rest of the interview here.

We've still got a pair of tickets for the show, so make sure you enter here before midnight tonight.