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The Marked Men have announced that this weekend's pair of shows in Texas will be their last for at least two years. According to a MySpace blog:

Jeff is moving to Japan next week and everybody else has a lot going on in their lives, we are all sad but we will have another record coming out and a few 7"s coming out over the next decade or so. We are not going to be playing for a long time and it is not us breaking up, but if we do play it will be rare and hopefully we get a trip to Japan out of it. I like to think we have done a whole lot of cool stuff and we have met some of the best people I have ever met in my life, and I have even met some of my "idols" through this band. We took control of our band and have done things our way and I am so proud of that. I hope people and other bands take note that you CAN do things your way! It also pays off to be good people, at least that is what I think, if that matters….

The shows are tomorrow, July 18th in Austin at Emo's and the 19th at Rubber Gloves in Denton. The band released Fix My Brain in 2006 and, as the blog says, are planning on releasing another LP and a few more 7"'s.