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Oxnard, CA's No Motiv has posted a lengthy update via MySpace, updating fans on their projects since their hiatus began in 2005. The band also confirmed a new recording dubbed Winterlong:

Even though we haven't been a band for 3 years, we still accumulated an EP worth of songs between Daylight Breaking and now. We had the intention of using these songs for a new full length album, but with everything happening right now, that won't be happening any time soon. Max recently moved to New York, so that dispels any possibility of a No Motiv tour in the near future. Therefore, we decided it was time to record what we had written, and within the last 2 months, we've been working on what we are calling "Winterlong". The EP contains the last 6 songs we wrote together and is being recorded at my studio in Santa Ana, CA. We're excited to be able to have the freedom and flexibility to record and produce the songs ourselves at our own pace with no outside pressure or expectations.

The majority of the recording is done, but the process is currently on hold while I'm gone on tour working sound for our friends in RX Bandits. We have no other formal info as of yet, but we expect the songs to be finished by October. We will work out the details as the months go on, but we want to hold true to the name of the EP and release it in the winter. We haven't decided the medium in which it will be released, but we're gonna work on adding some cool things with the whole EP package.

The band last released Daylight Breaking in 2004.