by Hellcat

Tiger Army will play a five show residence at The Grove of Anaheim in Orange County, California this October. The event, dubbed OCtoberflame 2008, will wrap up the band's support tours for 2007's Music from Regions Beyond. Frontman Nick 13 commented on the shows and the band's plans for downtime afterwards:

This very special event is a celebration of Tiger Army's fans that will mark the final shows of this year & the conclusion of touring for the latest album Music From Regions Beyond. The shows are exclusive Southern California appearances (meaning, if you're waiting for the band to come back to Hollywood or San Diego anytime soon, or anywhere else that's not currently on our show listings for that matter -- don't)!

For the ancient Celts, Halloween night marked the end of one year and the beginning of the next -- a harvest complete and the beginning of winter. It's the perfect night to end these shows and the two solid years of recording and touring that went into the latest album. It will be followed by rest, recuperation and the writing of new material by Nick 13. Tiger Army will be back, but we don't know when, so don't miss these very special shows before we take a break!

The shows will feature bands like Said Radio, T.S.O.L. and the Quakes.

OCtoberflame 2008
October 23Grove of AnaheimOrange County, CATiger Army with Vnvnation, War Tapes
October 24Grove of AnaheimOrange County, CATiger Army with Sweet and Tender Hooligans, Said Radio
October 25Grove of AnaheimOrange County, CATiger Army with TSOL, Enjambre
October 26Grove of AnaheimOrange County, CATiger Army with Guanabatz, Creature Feature
October 31Grove of AnaheimOrange County, CATiger Army with the Quakes, 12 Step Rebels