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Florida record label Coptercrash Records has returned from a hiatus and has a new release in the works. The label plans to release the new full length from Trinity, Florida's Reseptors. More details, music, and releases are in the works soon, so keep an eye on the label's MySpace page. The label has been around since 2001 and has released 17 records from bands like Transistor Transistor, The Saddest Landscape, Acedia, 1956 and Party of Helicopters.

Tromaville, New Jersey's Four Fingers are out on the road supporting their new album 69 Dudes!, which was released on Pizza War Records this past June. It is the follow up to the 2007 release TK-421. You can stream music from the record at MySpace. The band plans to hit the road in mid-August in the New England area.

Life of Agony frontman Keith Caputo will tour this August with Fairmont. The tour kicks off this Tuesday in Asbury Park, New Jersey and wraps up in Hartford, CT on the 25th. Check Keith's website for dates and details.