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Davey Havok, frontman for Southern California's AFI, has launched a new fashion line featuring limited edition t-shirts. Named Zu Boutique, the fashion line will only print 100 of each t-shirt design, with each shirt hand numbered zero to 99. Havok had this to say on the website's blog:

Whether it was Frankie's insistence to RELAX or the now tame, yet then surely demonic, imaging of the Bones Brigade, tees have always excited me. I still have a closet overflowing with them. From their inception as sailor issue with sex appeal to the standard alley wear of rockers, their decades of cultural importance have permeated the sensibilities of everyone from even the most passive wearers to the ranks of Hedi Slimane. I and my dear friend Danny fall somewhere in between, and from our regions between, we are thrilled to create and bring to you our very own designs. We do hope you like them.

The brand sold out of their first design within twenty four hours.