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Minneapolis punk band Banner Pilot have announced their summer tour dates in support of their new album Resignation Day.They have also announced a tour blog they will be maintaining while on the road. The band explained:

"Due to recent upgrades in band electronics, we'll be able to blog from the road just like Black Flag did back in the day. It'll be non-stop excitement and you'll feel like you're crammed in the van with us. The typical tour blog is probably like 'Great show in St. Louis last night… we have such amazing fans', but fuck that shit. We're going to be writing about the various Doritos flavors we encounter across the nation, the quality of motel rooms we stay in, the progress of our find-a-license-plate-from-every-state games, and so on. It'll be enthralling."

The tour blog can be found here.

Banner Pilot tour dates
Aug 15 Fire Breathing Kangaroo House (FBK) Seattle w/ Sonskull, Snuggle and Reviver (Matt from Shorebirds/Latterman)
Aug 16 TBD Seattle
Aug 17 Tonic Lounge Portland w/ The Ray and TBD
Aug 20 Thrillfest / Thrillhouse Records San Francisco w/ Robocop 3, The Reaction, more
Aug 22 Thrillfest / the Knockout San Francisco Underground Railroad to Candyland, Shotwell, more
Aug 23 Old Towne PubPasadena w/ Regal Beagle and TBD
Aug 24 House Show/BBQ Riverside
Aug 25 KO’s Pizza Hesperia, CA w/ Off With Their Heads and Nothington
Aug 26 East Side Joe’s Las Vegas w/ Murder Majesty and TBD
Aug 27 Artopia Salt Lake City w/ the Mooks, Illegal Beagle, Drug Shit
Aug 28 Surfside 7 Fort Collins w/ 10-4 Eleanor and TBD
Aug 29 Grounds Coffee House Laramie, WY w/ TBD
Aug 30 Triple Nickel Colorado Springs w/ Drag the River and TBD