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Pittsburgh, PA's Anti-Flag have teamed up with Atticus clothing to organize a clothing drive for Project Emmaus in the London and Colchester area. The drive coincides with two shows that the band will be playing on the 18th and 19th. The clothing drive will benefit homeless people in the area, and there will be stands set up at each show for attendees to donate clean clothing. Everyone who donates will get a download card for three acoustic Anti-Flag songs. Says Chris No. 2:

Anytime we can actually give back to the city and community we're playing, it is huge for us. It's not up to one song or one band to have an impact on this world. We will be in Colchester and London for one day, and the people coming to the shows live there and it is their towns, their scene. Were just providing an opportunity to impact some people who live nearby who are less fortunate. Bring an article of clothing to the shows, your donation will be greatly appreciated. Atticus UK who we have met on various occasions were amazing enough to help out as by donating clothing to Project Emmaus, who have a local shelters in both Colchester and the greater London area. So if you're coming to the show in Colchester or the Kerrang show in London at ULU, please bring an article of clothing for the Project Emmaus Shelter. The show will be a tremendous amount of fun and tremendous show of humanity, we are greatly looking forward to it.

The band is busy touring supporting this year's release, The Bright Lights of America.

1) Tar and Sagebrush (alternative version)
2) This Song Will Not Be Used For Political Gain… Even After We're Dead (previously unreleased)
3) Tanzania (rare song)