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Canadian rockers Bionic have been pumping out some of the country's best punk influenced rock for ten years now. Their 2007 album Black Blood was only their third, but it showcases a band with a distinctive flavour of rock. We recently talked with Bionic's Jonathan Cummins about the band's history and what they have in store for the future.

It's Bionic's tenth year as a band. Does it feel like that long?

Not really we have taken a lot of time off in the past and there was a lot of people in the band at the beginning so the sound has really changed a lot that keeps things interesting. We have also individually played in a lot of other bands on the side so when we get back with Bionic it's kind of rejuvenating.

Looking back over the last ten years, what are some of the highlights and bumps in the road?

Playing with Kiss was definitely a high as well as touring Europe twice. We are actually going back to Europe in November as Black Blood is just being released over there now. I suppose the bump in the road is that we have toured a bit too much of Canada when we should've been broadening our scope. We are hoping to do our first US tour when we get back from Europe.

You're output hasn't been as prolific as some other bands who have been together for as long as you have. Is this intentional, or has it just happened that way do to busy schedules?

Well, we all have lives outside of the band that takes up a lot of time. In this case we were without a label for years and now that Black Blood is only getting released now in other territories we have stopped rehearsing and writing and tracked the record so we don't get tired of the songs. Because of this M.O. our next record like the past three will probably be very different then Black Blood

With Black Blood released and behind you, how do you feel about it in reflection?

I know I really liked it when we finished it but to be honest once we end a record I don't think any of us ever listen to it again. I like playing the songs quite a bit. We are chomping at the bit to start writing but are utilizing a bit of restraint.

You've always been known as a touring band, can people expect another three years of touring from you?

We have been on tour for ten years and we're too stupid to stop now. Our band really only makes sense in the live setting with the record being more of a souvenir or calling card.

Who are you listening to these days as far as Canadian rock goes?

The bands on Signed By Force, Brutal Knights, Fucked Up, Aids Wolf, The Besnard Lakes.

Over the last few years Montreal has made a name for itself in the indie music scene, but there's also a huge hard rock and metal community there. Why do you think that larger media have overlooked this part of the community, or do you even agree that they have?

I am actually a journalist for a Montreal newspaper so I know I'm not part of the problem. Rock, metal, punk or whatever has never been a critics favorite and probably never will -- that is a good thing by the way.

What can people who haven't heard from you in the past six years expect this time around?

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