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After his recent departure from Dead Kennedys was announced, founding member Klaus Flouride gave an interview to Goldmine regarding his tenure in the band, his side projects, and the reason why he retired from Dead Kennedys. Flouride had this to say:

That was the one thing that I could, you know, say whenever I go on the road with the DKs there's a lot of pressure to do the best show we can do every time. And that's true with any band that I play with, but there's, let's say, less expectations from the audience with the other things I'm involved with because they haven't reached the level that the Kennedys did. So, it was a hard decision certainly but one that I had to do because I have a kid and I want to watch her grow up. And just hives in general are not a dangerous thing, but the doctors are afraid because it's in my face and subcutaneous and under the skin that it could mess up other organs, and it closes my throat down and stuff like that. You know, when you can't breathe that's when it becomes something to worry about.

Flouride will continue to perform regionally with bands like The American Professionals, The Go Going Gone Girls Band and The Legendary Stardust Cowboy among others but full touring is no longer possible. You can read more here.