Contributed by aubin, Posted by Five One, Inc.

San Francisco's Facing New York have detailed their new full length Get Hot. The band, currently a three piece featuring guitarist / vocalist Eric Frederic, bassist Brandon Canchola and drummer Omar Cuellar, will release the new album this fall via Five One Inc. The album will be preceded by the single "Cops On Bike," which you can preview now on the band's MySpace page.

The track listing for Get Hot can be found by clicking Read More.

  1. Cops On Bikes
  2. Give Love
  3. Get Hot
  4. All A This
  5. Comin’ Up
  6. Hardwood Floors
  7. Gesture
  8. Man Up
  9. How Gong I’m Gonna Be Lawn
  10. Get Hot Reprise (Is What Is)
  11. Me ‘n My Friendz