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Slingshot Dakota has kicked off their two-month tour of the U.S. today by playing with Street Smart Cyclist, it being the latter band's final shows. The duo will head towards the midwest and make their way south towards the FEST. They released Their Dreams Are Dead, But Ours Is the Golden Ghost! earlier this year.

Check out the dates below.

AUG 29 Brooklyn, NY The Silent Barn w/ Street Smart Cyclist (2nd to Last Show!), Small Arms Dealer
AUG 31 Allentown, PA Jan's Room w/ Street Smart Cyclist (LAST SHOW), Yo Man Go (Last show as well wtf?)
SEP 05 East Stroudsburg, PA East Stroudsburg University
SEP 06 Baltimore, MD Frisbee House
SEP 07 Philadelphia, PA The Model Home
SEP 08 Washington, DC The Girl Cave
SEP 09 Richmond, VA House show! 418 W. Marshall
SEP 10 Raleigh, NC TBA being booked
SEP 11 Greensboro, NC Nate's Place
SEP 12 Columbia, SC New Brookland Tavern
SEP 13 Charleston, SC House show!!!
SEP 21 St. Augustine, FL TBA being booked
SEP 23 Orlando, FL The Blackbox Collective
SEP 24 Tampa, FL Transitions Skate Gallery
SEP 25 Gainesville, FL Wayward Council
SEP 26 Tallahassee, FL TBA HELP NEEDED
SEP 27 Pensacola, FL Sluggo's
SEP 28 New Orleans / Baton Rouge, LA TBA HELP NEEDED
SEP 29 Austin / Houston, TX TBA HELP NEEDED
SEP 30 Ft Worth, TX 1919 Hemphill
OCT 01 Oklahoma / Kansas TBA HELP NEEDED
OCT 02 St Louis, MO House Show
OCT 03 Bloomington, IN TBA being booked
OCT 04 Lexington, KY The Shrieking Shack
OCT 05 Louisville, KY Skull Alley
OCT 06 Cincinnati, OH TBA being booked
OCT 07 Northwestern IN TBA being booked
OCT 08 Grand Rapids, MI TBA being booked
OCT 09 Somewhere, MI TBA being booked
OCT 10 Columbus, OH TBA being booked
OCT 11 Kent, OH The Vineyard w/ Lemuria
OCT 12 Cleveland, OH The Soggy Dog Afternoon show w/ Lemuria, Sidekicks
OCT 12 Pittsburgh, PA TBA being booked
OCT 13 Buffalo, NY TBA being booked
OCT 14 Rochester, NY TBA being booked
OCT 15 Oswego, NY TBA being booked
OCT 16 Syracuse, NY Women’s Info Center
OCT 17 Plattsburgh, NY Koinonio Center
OCT 18 Winooski, VT The Monkey House
OCT 19 Boston, MA TBA being booked
OCT 29 Richmond, VA TBA
OCT 30 North Carolina TBA HELP NEEDED
OCT 31 NOV 02 Gainesville, FL THE FEST 7