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Portugal. The Man's John Baldwin Gourley has posted some commentary on the nomination of fellow Alaskan Sarah Palin for vice president. Gourley, who also hails from Wasilla, Alaska posted a lengthy blog entry on the VP candidate:

We don't need book burners and censors. Sarah Palin pushed to get the librarian of Wasilla fired when certain books were not removed from the public library. Who else in history has banned books? Not very good company is it? We don't need aerial hunting… Again. We do NOT need this. I don't know of any true Alaskan that feels it is good sport to shoot an animal from a plane. Sarah Palin disagrees. We needed votes to add the polar bear to the endangered species list. (I know, I know, that polar bear rug would really bring the room together!). Sarah Palin disagreed.

You can find the rest of the entry here.

The band will be releasing Censored Colors on September 16, 2008.