Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Victory

Los Angeles punk act Madcap is taking a break, but a new band has emerged from the hiatus. Frontman Johnny commented:

As you know we have not played shows in a very long time. Infact it's very hard to get us all in the same room together. Lee is now a father with another one on the way!, Jake and Ace are still out there banging away with various bands. I'm alive and well in Los Angeles and have started a new band called Johnny Madcap and The Distractions. So as you can see we are all very busy and it doesn't leave much time for Madcap. We can never say Madcap is broken up because we've always considered this a friendship before it was a band. So that's it. We are out. Maybe for a while, maybe for good. Can't tell and really don't think about it. But we can tell you how much we appreciate the constant flow of new and old fans support for what we did. So hopefully now you will support again. I have not been this excited about a project in a long time. The Distractions are the fun I've been looking for and If you dug what I did in Madcap you will definately dig this. See for yourself…..

Johnny Madcap and The Distractions, a three piece, have songs online at MySpace.