In a very academic sounding blog entry for Headbanger's Ball, Thursday/United Nations vocalist Geoff Rickley lays out his criticism for the modern "hipster" and underground cultures and their acknowledged apathy towards politics and rebellion:

Various groups, including The Nation of Ulysses and Refused made a study of the aesthetic of revolution, and so did many underground artists such as Sheperd Fairey and Banksy. These artists explored the links between advertising, propagandizing, evangelism and philosophy. As a subtle and complex exploration of art, commerce and humanity these artists were very successful. Unfortunately, this may have been an important turning point in our culture -- the point at which the image replaced the message.

Over the course of the article, Geoff talks about everyone from Fugazi to Megadeth to Marshall McLuhan and how this all fits into the " self-obsessed aesthetic vacuum" of the modern underground. You can check out the thoughtful article here.