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Streetlight Manifesto have finally released the details on their long awaited project, 99 Songs of Revolution. The band explained:

Ok, technically it's not a new original record, but here it is: A few years ago, when BOTAR (Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution) released it's first (and so far only) record, there was a mention in the liner notes of a large project called "99 Songs of Revolution". This is a collection of 99 cover songs, spanning all kinds of genres, all kinds of artists. Now, a few years later, it's all going down. And here are the details. Some of them, at least.

The 99 Songs of Revolution Project will consist of 8 full length records. Two from SM, two from BOTAR, and two each from two other SM related groups. The first SM record for 99SOR will be out in early 2009, simultaneously with another of the 8 CDs (no, not the BOTAR one). Victory will be putting out the CDs and mp3s and Pentimento will be releasing and distributing the vinyl. We are aware of our reputation to take forever to release records and miss our self imposed deadlines, so we are not giving anyone solid dates, not even our labels. Early 09 release, that's it. We are, though, working hard on it. The demos are all but done and we head into the studio to begin tracking in October. Our upcoming tour schedule, as you know, is borderline impossible/insane, so cut us some slack.

You can read the full update on their website.

BOTAR releases A Call to Arms in 2001 and Streetlight Manifesto issued Somewhere in the Between last year.