MVD has has announced plans to issue several releases on vinyl including new and previously unreleased tracks by Devo and the Dwarves, plus reissues by G.G. Allin, Wendy O. Williams and the Plasmatics, and more.

According to a July 2008 article in Billboard, "Indie retail started the party, but now some of the chains are carrying vinyl too. In addition to Fred Meyer and Borders, Best Buy has said publicly that it will experiment with carrying LPs." Since retailers are becoming increasingly supportive, it was a no-brainer for MVD.

Upcoming releases including Devo's Watch Us Work It, GG Allin's Freaks, Faggots, Drunks and Junkies, The Plasmatics Beyond the Valley of 1984 and The Dwarves limited 10-inch which features the band live on KSZU FM Stanford, recorded in 2004 as well as Dwarves singer Blag Dahlia covering AC/DC (Big Balls) and the Ramones (The KKK Took My Baby Away) as well as some originals.