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Quebec's GFK are working on a new full length. With the demise of the G7 Welcoming Committee it's unknown at this time who will put it out. The band posted:

For almost a year now, GFK avoided the stage to write their next masterchief. Meanwhile, Jessy became a father, got a new job and even came to rehearse more often. Mick 'the longest goatie ever' Beaudoin quit smoking weed and he is now quite an expert at Guitar Hero and he is doing excellent performances playing Rock Band. Remy LeClick got engaged and has aggravate his alcohol addiction. Rick The Wolf bought new drums and received full forgiveness from his sweetheart ( he just call her La Puce !!). Claude… is still sitting in his basement wishing he'll conquer the world with his Xbox 360. We are now at starting the whole recording processus with a few pre-productions. Everything will be done at LeClick Studio, on an indeterminated period of time and after that, we'll be ready to start the real thing. This next album will surprise most of you with a new trash metal sound colored with breakdowns and should see the light by autumn 2009. Until then, we posted a demo song that sounds crappy because we want to make your ears bleed.

You can steam the demo at MySpace.