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Bay Area, CA's Among The Living have posted a five song demo to their MySpace page page. The new band features members of Alcatraz, At Risk, Moria, and Uzi Suicide. Their first show is October 18th for Cruz Fest.

Cleveland, OH's Asinine have called it quits after four years of playing. Bass player Kenny had this to say:

Yeah we haven't really been doing too much lately, we have a couple shows this fall and that looks like that'll be it…Everybody's been so busy with school, work, and other projects that we haven't been able to devote much time to the band…not that we every did to begin with haha. …I know that paco has a couple of different things goin on between "tarantulas attack" and another band he's been jammin (i love that word) with. Kyle is still raggin with sscp, and as far as scottie and i go…we ain't gettin any younger, but we are gettin prettier and we're still makin some music with cleveland undercovers…

The band's final release, The Shoe Logo EP, will be available at their November 17th show in Columbus with Reverse the Curse and Off With Their Heads. The other band's mentioned can be found here, and here.

Syracuse, New York hardcore outfit Casting Curses have added several tracks from their upcoming debut Get Center to their Myspace page.The self-released album will be available in October.

Virginia Beach, VA's Rain Over Battle have posted new songs to their MySpace page. The band previously only had a few demos up, but has opened for Tim Barry, The Gaslight Anthem, and The Loved Ones.