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There has been a surprising amount of drama regarding the recent leak of Dillinger Four's highly anticipated new album, Civil War. The record is due out October 14, 2008 and is the band's first new record in 6 years.

One of the more surprising stories comes from Mitch Clem of Nothing Nice to Say fame who has been involved in a heated discussion with one of the album's producers regarding the leak and his comic's take on the event. The entire exchange is visible here.

At the same time, alumni and current Alternative Press love slave Scott Heisel posted his thoughts here. The alledged album leaker himself came clean here. Current editor, Jesse Raub elaborates on the entire brouhaha on his blog here. does not support or condone leaking albums. It's not just about the commerce; there are many people who work on an album like this one, it is fair for people to at least be compensated for the time they took away from other jobs, families and friends in order to put together an album for you. The record is just a few weeks away, so just hold on and it'll be worth it.

If you're excited about the record, take a moment and pre-order the album now.