Contributed by Trauma16, Posted by Facedown Break-ups

Regina, Saskatchewan's Means have announced their breakup.

Grateful to have been a part of this band, through such formative years of life, all while having the opportunity to share in something meaningful to each of us; Music. For the outlet of this particular sound, which we cherish and trust, and for those of you who shared these years and become the community that surrounds us, we are ever grateful. Thank you for the camaraderie that we share and for your sincerity and spirit.

As a band, we are proud of the miles behind us and the work ethic we maintained even though nothing-is-perfect. We are proud that we were a band that was able to laugh with one another and at ourselves along the way, often to the point of vomiting, crying, soiling etc., or all-of-the-above. Happy for all the pathetic inside jokes that for good reason mean nothing to anyone but us. Finally, we are proud of one another and the people we are becoming; trusting that through the experience of playing in this band we are growing to be more compassionate and understanding individuals.

The band will play one final tour starting this October, playing shows in Canada and the US midwest. The Eastern Canadian portion of the tour will be part of the Underground Operations Unity Tour that will feature Kathleen Turner Overdrive while the western dates will feature Horizons. Means will disband after a final performance scheduled for November 29th in Regina. Confirmed dates are to be announced soon.