by Mankind

Said Radio frontman Eric Ozenne has posted an update on the injury that forced the band to cancel their previously scheduled apperances with Tiger Army. Eric commented:

i didn't realize that i would have people so worried about my health, so….
many of you know that i have an old military leg injury that is chronic. this is different. i hurt my leg at Said Radio's last show w/ TA in Portland a few weeks back. it didn't seem that bad at first, but then it swung in a negative direction a couple days later. i had trouble just walking. it seemed like another nerve issue (like my left leg) and it was in a similar place in the hip area. I curreently (since i started pacing myself)began to walk much better, but many times when i pivot on my right side i feel alot of pain and sometimes almost buckle from it. i am hoping that all gets better soon. I am recording my part of the new Said Radio songs this month, so look for it to come out in the late year or early next year on Mankind Records