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In a recent myspace post, 4th wave ska-punks Bomb The Music Industry! announced details for their upcoming album, Scrambles. They are to enter the studio tomorrow, October 4th, 2008, and the album is due out January 20, 2009.

The band is currently on an East Coast tour of the US and Canada with Shinbou in support of last year's Get Warmer. They will be playing at The Fest 7 and touring the UK in January and February.

  1. Cold Chillin' Cold Chillin'
  2. Stuff That I Like
  3. It Shits!!!
  4. Fresh Attitude, Young Body
  5. Wednesday Night Drinkball
  6. 25!
  7. Celebrities Gone Wild or $2,400,000
  8. Gang of Four Meets the Stooges But Boring
  9. 9/11 Fever
  10. (Shut) Up the Punx!!!
  11. Can I Pay My Rent in Fun?
  12. Saddr Weirdr
  13. On To Browner Pastures