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In a new interview, former Far frontman Jonah Matranga discussed the forthcoming UK reunion tour:

We said if we are ever going to play more shows then it should be now. We are all in different parts of our lives and we don't want to be one of those bands playing loud angsty rock music when we are fifty. It is not becoming and I am not interested in it, I actually get pretty dismissive of bands that do that.

The recently reunited group will kick things off in Newport, Wales on the 24th and wrap things up in London on the 28th. The band will also play two Californian dates in October, under their quasi-secret moniker Hot Little Pony.

Members of Far have been quite prolific since that band's split in 1999. They last released Water & Solutions in `98. Frontman Jonah Matranga performed with Onelinedrawing, New End Original and Gratitude while guitarist Shaun Lopez went on to form the Revolution Smile.