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Cinema grind/hardcore act Graf Orlock have detailed their forthcoming album, Destination Time Today. The record is the third in a trilogy which also includes Destination Time Yesterday and Destination Time Tomorrow.

Two tracks from the album, "Run Over By a Truck" and "Jamming in Traffic" can be streamed on their myspace page.

  1. Chapter III
  2. Run Over By a Truck
  3. Franky; Buying Dog Food
  4. An Interest in Prosthetics
  5. Not Our Problem
  6. Days of High Adventure
  7. Deluxe Mental Hospital Tour
  8. Jamming in Traffic
  9. Pre-retirement Nerves; Cop Killers
  10. Talking Terrorism
  11. Murder on the MTA
  12. A Bad Day in Africa
  13. End Credits: Voice of America's Sons